Top Posts of July/Aug '08

This proves it. Dating just never gets old.
Punjabi girl, 25, 5'6", slim, seeks alliance with well educated, fair, Punjabi bride

Could Salman Khan be an ally in the making?
Salman embraces the queers

A new lesbian film is bringing a lot of buzz!
I can't think straight

First-hand accounts of Bangalore and Calcutta Pride!
Voices from the community: Bangalore Pride
Voices from the community: Calcutta Pride

Our awesome reviewer checks out the film, My Brother...Nikhil

Desi Olympians score big, both in competition and in our...gazes? lol
An Olympic treat and An Olympic quickie

Bhai-sexuals are becoming endangered. What could be causing this unfortunate trend?
Queeristani Travels: Bhai-sexuals

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