Punjabi girl, 25, 5'6", slim, seeks alliance with well educated, fair, Punjabi bride

Gay or straight, Shaadi.com has been become a household URL in recent years for the South Asian community. More and more families are beginning to entrust the Internet with the duties of a matchmaker. To no one's surprise, these matrimonial doors remain shut for a great majority of the queer community.

Recently, however, there have been some rumblings on this front. The"no gays allowed" attitude of Shaadi.com has been challenged (via a hilarious repartee) by a writer of Desiclub.com. While no real resolution was made in the end, this all makes one think of the matchmaking opportunities out there for South Asian queers.

In a culture where marriage and unions between families are so highly regarded, it is naive to think gay South Asians would not adopt similar values. So what exactly is out there for us? Where do we go when we've exhausted Craigslist, Manhunt, Lesbotronic, & Gay.com? Where do we go to find a nice South Asian queer to bring home to Maa?

Well, you got a few options. While a matrimonial site aimed at our
community may be a while a way, you can check out some new gay dating sites just for South Asians. Unfortunately, most of these sites are heavily saturated with men; but women & trans seekers, don't be discouraged, more are joining day by day.

Indus Gay -- easy format, fast growing, inclusive of men, women, & trans. but after a month, you have to pay to view profiles
Gay Date -- a little more racy than Indusgay, but only for men
GayDia -- cute site, nice format, but not trans inclusive

If you know of any more, help a brother/sister out and let us know!


Halloween Party Planning said...

Hi .. I came across this article quite by chance and read it wit great interest! I totally agree.. it sucks that sites like Shaadi and eHarmony are not inclusive to the large gay and lesbian populations in India and the US.

However, I too would like to add my 2 cents about IndusGay.com which I'm a member of and had good experiences. Its a very clean and decent site, no nudity.. something I don't mind leving open on my desk. Not embaressing or sleazy at all ! And, by the way, it is free for now although there are plans to charge for more premium services later on. So become a early member and probably get free for lifetime at IndusGay.

Kamdizzle said...

love the graphic!

MusingAloud said...
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MusingAloud said...

Actually an important correction here for your readers. Indusgay is totally Free for all users now even after 1 month. Everyone who has joined so far has become an automatic Gold member. However, as the site becomes more and more popular I do expect this to change. So boys and girls go ahead and register fast NOW!!

going crrrrazy!! said...

Awesome article. I've been thinking on the same lines since a long time.