An Olympic Treat

Now that the media's Phelps Phever has been settling down, Queeristan wants to take a glance at a few brown Olympians who can match Phelp's charm and err...physique.

Abhinav Bindra may look like the typical Indian-next-door, but his gold medal in shooting earned him a place in history as well as face-time during his country's independance day celebrations. While Bindra may not look identical to Phelps in low-rise swimming trucks, his modesty and solid character are definately his charms.

I'm surprised US gymnast, Raj Bhavsar, has not been getting more screentime at these Olympics. Bhavsar missed making the US team in both 2004 and 2008, securing instead the alternate position. After Paul Hamm's injury barred him from the games, Bhavsar was called in, and boy did he shine. The men's gymnastic team earned a bronze medal after a practically flawless performance by Bhavsar. A South Asian American, Raj has got some interesting stuff to say about the ups and downs of his carreer.

Good looking AND a good heart, what a combo!

And last, but not least, I'm keeping our eyes on boxer, Vijender Kumar. Kumar has made it to the quarterfinals for the middleweight category; he will play Carlos Gongora of Equador on Wednesday. He is a boxer by day, but Kumar is a model by night. Featured in India's Maxim and other magazines, Vijender's killer looks may pack more than his killer punch. Kumar, however, has clear goals -- he wants to fight in Madison Square Garden and to be promoted by none other than Don King.


Amit said...

thanks for keeping us posted! i didn't even know these guys were competing!

NeroX2 said...

awww he's so cute!

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