Why India needs more HIV/AIDS awareness:

"An Indian couple who were infected with the virus that can lead to AIDS have committed suicide after killing their three children, police in Mumbai say. Relatives say the couple had been depressed by news that their daughter also had the HIV virus.

Police say the parents hanged themselves after poisoning their children, aged between five and 10. India has one of the largest numbers of HIV-positive people in the world and they suffer serious social stigma."

Indian HIV parents kill children


libhom said...

This shows that the US is far from the only country where religion has made life miserable for people with AIDS.

Who I Am... said...

When I read this oh my god, cause i saw 3 hindi/1 tamil film about Hiv/Aids Awareness. Just wow, they all touched me, espically this one, i saw, just amazing, if i find them, i will post a comment to those video's

Sincerely, Amz!