One (Brown) Man Show

Snehal Desai debuted a five performance run of his introspective show last week in San Francisco. Finding Ways to Prove You're NOT an al-Qaeda Terrorist When You're Brown (and other stories of the gindian) is a compilation of monologues deleving into queer and South Asian identities. Desai recently completed his MFA at Yale in directing; he was on the straight and narrow path to law school, however, it was during final undergrad years at Emory when his passion for the arts materialized.

Finding Ways... follows the protagonist, Akash, as he moves from a small town in Nebraska to eventually India and finally back to the US. Layered on this journey is the voice of the performer himself, another character created by Desai. The performer is forced to reconcile his own sexuality as he acts out the story of Akash. The ongoing interaction between the actor and who he is acting adds to the complex beauty of the show.

In effect, Desai has created a enriching perspective of issues conflicting gay South Asians. He weaves not only queer themes but themes related to the subcontinent and the effects of the diaspora. Although you might have missed his five shows in SF, check out his official website to see where and what he is up to next!

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Masala Mami said...

So excited, I'm gonna see his show this Sunday!!