Will Singapore Ease Up?

The Singaporean television show "Find and Design" has been fined $11,000 for featuring a gay couple who wanted to transform one of their rooms into a nursery for their newly adopted baby. This follows after a March report by Sheela Narayanan that Singapore refused to air the Tamil TV show "Ippadiku Rose," featuring the male-to-female hostess, Rose Venkatesan. This article mysteriously disappeared from The Electric Singapore, but don't worry, you can find a copy here. And in a sort of karmic retribution, The Electric has lost a majority of it's readers this year. Maybe it's just a technical glitch? (Watch bad karma hit Queeristan now).

Gay sex is illegal in Singapore and "violators" (I prefer the term "lovers") can be punished with a maximum of two years in jail. Following this conservatism, it's against Singapore television regulations to encourage/normalize gay lifestyle.

South Asians are one of Singapore's biggest ethnic groups, and many of them are Tamil speakers. They're missing them some Rose! The fact that Singapore is trying to get kids to mate since their population is dwindling doesn't bode well for the LGBT community. (And never mind the hypocrisy of the government-mandated love).

Associated Press - Singapore

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