Transgender Talk Show Host in India

Following Pakistani Begum Nawazish Ali's footsteps, India has revealed a new talk show with transgender Rose called "Ippadiku Rose" (Yours, Rose). Her new show generated quite some buzz, getting the attention of the NYTimes. "We will be tackling subject that are very controversial in nature, from gay rights to sexual abuse and prostitution," said Pradeep Milroy Peter, the station's head of programming. Already, the show has made this clear with its focus on women's issues - the first episode, which aired March 5th, dealt with the sexual harassment of women and the second episode will deal with the exploitation of women in the modelling industry.

The NYTimes article muddles the terms hijra, transgender, and transsexual, but no worries! The leading newspaper in the US may not be informative enough for you but this meager blog will soon provide you handy definitions. Coming soon :)


Press conference with Rose

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Kamdizzle said...

anyone think she looks like a hotter brown version of Renee Zellweger? ...no?