Weekly Mix Masala

Par-tay! A bunch of fagulous desis are hittin' da clubz tonight. You should totally go, ma friend!

Desilicious Spring Fling, NYC Saturday April 19th
Sholay Productions

Profiles on South Asian women working in "arts & letters"
Women's Writing

The BNP, a white-supremacist party, is dangerously close to getting elected in the London Assembly.
Unite Against Fascism

More on London elections: Overview of London mayor Livingstone's history with the LGBT community
The Guardian

Jackie Warner, the lesbian Work Out star, is turning on some housewives

Discussion: Reconciling Sikhism with Homosexuality

Openly gay Muslim poet, Iftikhar Nasim, speaks on being a Pakistani-American gay activist
Thaindian News

Kya woh hon Gay kamyaab? -- Will India see the end to IPC 377?
Mid Day

Engendered (4/18-4/20) a 3-day
a South Asian multi-disciplinary arts festival

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