Tighty-whiteys just got a little more interesting...

Hanes (as in the underwear company) has launched a new ad campaign; the new images certainly are invigorating the industry. The new tagline reads, “Hanes. Because the world gives you enough labels”, which is accompanied by some of the following pieces:

While the concept is arguably clever, aren't these social labels a bit hefty for an underwear company? The baggage accompanying these terms can't be glossed over by, what some would call, a marketing gimmick. While I'm sure the ads will propel the ongoing dialogues of race and sexuality, one can't help but inquire about the motives of Hanes. Perhaps had the company been more involved in the current social justice movement the queer and POC communities would be more accepting of this avant-garde approach to selling underwear. To its audience, Hanes likens historical social labels to the annoying tags commonly found on boxer-briefs.

The best twist in the story (in our opinion) is that the entire campaign was created by the Bombay division of PR firm, McCann Erickson. However, no one is certain where the ads will be found. It is hard to imagine any US or European division giving this campaign a green light.

Regardless, Hanes 'Lipstick' Campaign is sure ruffling a few feathers, what are some of you thoughts?

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a.kini said...


these seem more like hipster art than advertisements.

Anonymous said...

well, this is really cool!! little bit Picasso's style. love it!! wonder

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