Update on Hanes-gate '08

A few days ago, we posted the controversy surrounding the use of slurs and stereotypes in the new Hanes "Lipstick" campaign. Well the images have been circulating the blogosphere long enough to receive an official comment from the McCann Erickson India (the PR divison in charge of the images). Prasoon Joshi, chairman and creative director of the firm, issued the following statement:

We have withdrawn the ads and also apologised to McCann Worldwide, stating it was a mistake. A young team in its excitement and passion for winning awards went overboard. The intention was never to hurt anyone’s sentiments and it was done in complete innocence.
Well it's nice to see a formal comment on the ads; but I still don't understand how off-track a team can go when trying to sell underwear. But perhaps they were aiming for more than underwear; what do you think?

McCann India's Hanes ads run into global controversy

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Anonymous said...

you know, I really do appreciate the pieces as artwork. There's so much detail - the red ribbon, no homophobia sign, dildo, etc.. but the noose on the man confuses me somewhat.. is the artist trying to symbolize that gays are trapped by the superficial stereotype of gays? lol that's all I could think of..