Old Gold: LOGO Online's The Click List

The following two short films were featured on LOGO's The Click List just last year. Produced by up-and-coming South Asian filmmakers, both take a closer look at the queer desi identity. Check them out and enjoy!

Kali Maa
a film by Soman Chainani

"When an Indian mother discovers her son is the victim of a vicious bully, she delivers her own brand of vigilante justice."

Modern Day Arranged Marriage
a film by Rehana Mirza

"When two young Indian-Americans, Rajesh and Suna, meet in a local restaurant to 'interview one another,' is marriage on the menu or just coffee?"

LOGO's the Click List: Best in Short Film

1 comment:

Lakshman said...

I feel like if Soman Chainani was South Indian, he'd totally use the bajan Aigiri Nandini for background music for "Kali Ma"; it would have been perfect for the film.

The second one, "Modern Day Arranged Marriage", was simply great! I loved all of it! Especially "What caste are you?" and "You're not an artist, are you?"

Good stuff =D