Law and Order: Special Queer Unit

There must have been something unusual in the air the past few weeks. One sniff and all the crazies came out to play! In an alarming trend, queer desis made headlines all over the world- mostly bad news, I'm afraid.

Let's start with the least offensive. Akash Maharaj, an (ex-)Yale student, was found to have forged his Columbia University transcript (giving himself straight A's), letters of recommendation, and financial aid forms (hey, might as well make some money out of it, right?). So, how was he caught? This is the interesting part: threatened by Maharaj, his ex-gay lover, Victor Cazeres, contacted Yale authorities. Cazares happened to reveal to the police that Maharaj was older than he had stated on his application. This red flag propelled an investigation into Maharaj's file which uncovered the many more falsifications. Our advice to Maharaj- next time you want to lie on your applications, don't change your age just so you can get with younger guys.

Moving onto another college story. At a university in Punjab, 25-year old Inderpal Singh committed suicide by hanging himself to a ceiling fan. In his suicide note was a description of the suffering that he had endured throughout the prior year. This next part could seriously be straight out of a scene from a flick like Cruel Intentions. One night while intoxicated, Singh found himself having sex with fellow male classmates. The sexual encounter was videotaped by none other than a PROFESSOR of the university! Blackmail followed the encounter, where...nope, the classmates did not stop at just asking for money, but also forced Singh to be their sexual slave. A year later, when Singh finally refused, copies of the video were dispersed, and Singh found himself unable to cope. Our advice - if you're into authoritarianism, stick to reading sexual stories about it rather than acting it out in real life.

Alright, last but not least. In the state of Gujarat, 18-year-old Kalpesh Patel was arrested for the murder of an older man, Mohan Patel (no relation!). According to Kalpesh, Mohan had made advances towards him, which he refused. When Mohan became more aggressive, Kalpesh took a nearby rock and smashed it into Kalpesh's head until he was dead. Now, the kicker: Mohan was married, had children, and was definitely not openly queer. Now we know that there are many MSM's in India, who have relations with men outside from their traditional families, but was Mohan one of them? Could Kalpesh have had another reason to murder Mohan? And if so, claiming that Mohan was trying to elicit a homosexual act would be a brilliant move in trying to gain the government's empathy. Our advice to you - carry some pepperspray, it's a dangerous world out there...

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