The Whole World is Listening

Sally Kern refuses to apologize for her homophobic comments, despite receiving thousands of critical emails. Good for you, Kern! They're probably just part of the big fat fruity conspiracy you've been warning everyone about. Those damn gay terrorists...err gayorrists...

Sally Kern's comments are gaining media coverage for their vitriol, but sadly, no one has pointed out her equation of Islam with terrorism. But you know, what do you expect in a land where Homeland Security thinks battered women are potential terrorists?

P.S. Sally - it's called "P.C." for a reason. You are in the game of politics, I assume?


Vamsi said...

Apparently, she has a gay son and she disowned him because he is gay. You can search for Sally Kern + gay son on Google and a number of links show up.

Kamdizzle said...

@ Vamsi

really? wow. poor kid.