Are You Rejected?

Independent filmmaker, Parthiban Shanmugam, is coming against controversy over his new work, You're Rejected. The film is a social documentary on the homophobia and sexual prejudice that pervades conservative America.

"George, a self-appointed "Soldier of Christ," has embarked on a tortured quest to investigate lifestyles he regards as rejected by God. His interviews with a wide range of people reveal struggles toward self-acceptance but erode George's defenses against his own demons. This drama of disintegration ends in his shattering understanding that he has rejected himself."
-- Fredric Nardin, IMDB


Sounds like an everyday LGBT film, so why the controversy? Well, the fact that Shanmugam, a South Asian immigrant, is criticizing America from within America has angered a good population of the nation. However, this filmmaker is no stranger to ruffling a few feathers. Shanmugam's 2006 documentary short, The Celestial Brides, explores the annual festival of Koovagum where thousands of hijras pilgrimage to marry the warrior god Aravan. His other documentary, Mathamma, delves into the prostitution of low-caste girls in South India.

All the controversy is actually helping the publicize the movie, the film is being acquired by Hollywood film company, BG, for worldwide release.

Press Release for the Film

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NeroX2 said...

the trailer actually looks kinda good.. think the director's gay?