Peekaboo, I See you! Who's Out?

Our intent with queeristan is to increase the visibility of the queer South Asian community all over the world and reach out to each other, especially those who may not have the support in whatever region of the world they're in. Out of all the voters, surprisingly only 4% of us were out to absolutely no one. Even more suprising is that a majority of the polltakers are completely out (39%) or coming out is not an issue (18%). One day, hopefully, it can get to the point where your sexuality is not a big deal and it's not an issue for anyone.
More of us are out to our friends versus out to our families and coming out to families can be one of the toughest things. We made one mistake though! We forgot to put the option of out to "some family, some friends."
Only 43 of you voted in this poll, so it's not a great reflection of the worldwide gay desi community, but it does give us an idea of who is relying on us for their queer news. We want to reach out to more of you who may not be out yet or cannot be out. Feel free to leave comments on any of our posts, including this one. We <3 feedback!


Anonymous said...

you're doing a great job guys - keep it going!

NeroX2 said...

thanks baricuda00! we appreciate the feedback.

if anyone else has anything to say about the blog, please dont hesitate to email us at queer.desis@gmail.com