Weekly Mix Masala

Sahran Abeysundara, a queer activist from Sri Lanka, is named as the third grand marshal in Vancouver's pride parade
Vancouver Courier

Can Singapore handle Rose?
The Electric

"My dream role is to play a prostitute" - Bobby Darling

On Bobby Darling's upcoming films:
"I even have a kissing scene with a Pakistani actor in one of my movies and I felt nice doing the scene"
Now Running

Reviews on Indian paperbacks, including the Pregnant King and the newly translated Dance.
The Telegraph - Calcutta

Who says Bush is homophobic? (NSFW: Not Suitable for Work)

Sacramento area gays face increasing tension from influx of the growing evangelical Slavic community
LA Times

Fitna, the controversial short-film by Geert Wilders, has been released. No, we are not going to post the video, nor are we providing a link.

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