Basant = the Pakistani gay pride?

Last weekend marked the celebration of spring, or the Basant festival, for Pakistanis. Taking part in the colorful and joyous celebration in Lahore were many openly gay men, who partied on the rooftops and streets while in dresses! Could this be the beginning of a gay pride in Pakistan? LGBT organizations say their communities are doing well in Pakistan. As of yet, openly gay men have not been actively targeted, and many take this to be a subtle sign of acceptance.

Gay pride rising in Pakistan

Update: The article is actually a couple years old- my mistake!


Nitin Karani said...

Hi guys. The pinknews report your post is apparently based on is two years old--unless pinknews has got the date wrong.

NeroX2 said...

ahhh, thanks for the correction Nitin! my mistake!

Asmaan said...

was wondering about that... over here in lahore this year there was almost no basant due to govt banning kite flying. i wonder if the 'lgbt' groups mentioned in the article actually talked to any lesbians tho :p... big gay male social scene here, but it's a pretty quiet scene here for queer women.

noi said...

hereby my words in here!

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