You're not white? I can deal with that. Not straight either? Oh...

Queer South Asians living in the West have generally been forced to develop a dual-identity. While growing up, there were no LGBT South Asian groups. We were alone. When we were with the Desis, we down-played the queer. And within the gay community, we were subjected to that unspoken racial hierarchy that we all know exists. As a consequence of being a so-called double minority, we were often forced to identify with one group more than the other in an attempt to keep from being left behind.

But, fifty of you voted*, and showed us that our fairly new community is rebounding. Interestingly, more of us identify with being Desi over being queer. And about half of us are able to relate to both- a pleasant surprise. Slowly, we WILL reclaim both of our identities. And turn the two into one.

*Obviously, a poll taken by only fifty people isn't enough to make any serious conclusions out of. But it's a start!

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Natasha Khan said...

I would love for you to write something about GAY desis for SAPNA magazine. contact me natasha@sapnamagazine.com