Happy <3 Day!

"In a country where they object to inter-caste, inter-religious and same sex relationships, it is important to have a day that recognizes love."-Ajay Kher

"In a country where extreme right groups still target heterosexual love outside of rigidly defined constraints as being "immoral," gay Indians are slowly moving toward greater acceptance and a more comfort with visibility.

A Feb. 13 article in the Hindustan Times detailed how gay couples are preparing to celebrate a Western import--Valentine’s Day--even as the violent extremist group Ram Sene has issued warnings against the observance and of the holiday, which Ram Sene describes as a "Christian conspiracy" to contaminate and dilute traditional Hindu values.

Ram Sene recently carried out an attack against a Mangalore pub, and about 140 of its members, including founding member Pramod Muthalik, have been rounded up and placed under "preventive arrest" following threats by the group to attack celebrants and force girls into arranged marriages against their will if they appear to be enjoying the attentions of their "Valentines," according to a Feb. 13 article at Outlook India.com.

Gay Hindus are somewhat concerned that the violent extremist group will target them next, but in the meantime, the holiday celebrating romance beckons, and same-sex lovers, like lovers of all persuasions everywhere, are answering its call."

Gay Hindus Celebrate Valentine's Day In India


Anonymous said...

happy valentine's day everyone!

libhom said...

This shows how all religious extremism is dangerous. It isn't the problem of a particular sect.

Anonymous said...

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