All the single ladies, put your hands up...

Last week, the Hindu organization, Sri Ram Sena, attacked several women at a bar for drinking and dancing with men. Television crews caught women being shoved to the ground and others running away from the Sena. Fortunately no one was severely injured and ten men involved were arrested (yet soon after released on bail.)

The Sri Ram Sena is a relatively unknown group in India. They see themselves as crusaders, aiming to protect Indian values from Western temptations. In other words -- the Westboro Baptist Church of the subcontinent. The Sena defended their brash actions, stating that "[the] group was stepping in to enforce morality because the government had failed." While Indian officials have denounced the attacks, it did not stop many placing judgement on "modern" Indian women.

But it nice to see that Indian women not taking these attacks lying down, rather they have created the Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women. The consortia is currently organizing a drive to send pink chaddis to the Sena for Valentine's Day. They have published a 3 Step guide showing how we can send a message to these zealots via adorable underwear.

V-Day is just around the corner -- dig out those pink granny panties you mom used to buy for you and send them over!


desidude269 said...

Well i was able to see the video shot of these girls getting kicked out, and it seemed like girls were embarrassed to be filmed. why don't they just stand up for themselves instead of hiding behind their hands? their shame is what people see, and what leads them to think that these girls are doing something bad because they don't want anyone else to know about it.

wikiplugs said...
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