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Sunil Babu Pant, from Nepal, addresses the UN on LGBT issues.
Gays Without Borders

This guy is on fire! Pant also received a "People of the Year Award" from The Advocate magazine!

Nepal - one step forward, two steps back. Journalist Uma Singh, one of many journalists targeted in Nepal, is hacked to death by 12 to 20 men. One issue Uma covered was women's rights.
SAJA Forum

The Star Screen Awards were very... pseudo-gay this year! Priyanka Chopra wins the Best Actress award for Fashion and Jon Abraham and Abishek Bachchan win the best couple award for Dostana.
Screen India

Which Bollywood stars have Hollywood look-a-likes? These pairings are amazing!!

Queer Masti: Bi-sexual Prejudice - Bi Ladki talks about the lack of understanding towards bi-sexuals.

Court rules that Bangladeshi trans-persons are full-fledged citizen and are allowed to vote for the first time ever!

What are the HIV related needs of sexual minorities in India? Download the document here:

Cop torches wife to death in Nagpur, India
Times of India


Anonymous said...

Sunil Pant is a BABE.

Riot Kitty said...

Thanks for the link to the article on bi misunderstandings/prejudice. So little ink is devoted to this...

libhom said...

Pant's accomplishments are inspiring.