The Making of "I Can't Think Straight"

We know how much you all loved "I Can't Think Straight," the lesbian film by Shamim Sarif. Check out some behind-the-scenes action!


MFL said...

Not really into behind the scenes stuff myself, spoils the fantasy. But thanks for the clip

I can't think straight movie clips

Anonymous said...

I agree - don't want to run into any spoilers!

rose said...

You can see the series of videos at Enlightenment Production.

Media Section: http://www.enlightenment-productions.com/index.php?page=media

Sariena said...

Hi All,

ICTS releases in India on 9/11. Thanks for helping spread the news on this amazing, sexy, universal film.

See the official India ad at Shamim Sarif's Facebook page-become a fan-she personally keeps in touch there. Also, check out The World Unseen (also stars Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth).