When our powers combine...

This past weekend, queers united in record numbers to show India that we are here, we are strong, and we WILL fight! During this very crucial time, three cities- New Delhi, Kolkata, and Bangalore -held parades, striving to add fuel to the fire that will eventually break down Section 377 and the many social barriers that exist. While some wore masks to protect their identities, others revealed their faces, allowing the whole world to see that they are no different from anyone else.

Now instead of me simply rephrasing and picking apart information from articles that I have read, I want to share the personal accounts of those that took part in the festivites, something that I think will be more meaningful for readers of this blog. If you were in India during the parades, and you have something to share, please email your accounts, views, and emotions to us - queer.desis@gmail.com.

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