Top Posts of May/June '08

Voices From the Community: Tall, Dark, and Handsome
A humourous view on this age old cliché.

Sher Vancouver & Amar Sangha
Read about the Sikh organization that's breaking boundaries to make a difference.

Naked man in a Window
Watch comedian Danny Bhoy's bit on window-to-window encounters.

Do we want to get down with the brown?
Issues of race and love combine in our latest poll.

In a theater near you (hopefully!)
Here's a clip of A Jihad for Love and the listing for all the screenings as it goes on tour

Update: Delhi High Court Proceedings - May 19th, 2008
We're try to do our part by keeping you guys updated on the IPC Section 377

Some Saturday Morning Eye Candy
hmm...this one should be self-explanatory. Take a look if you're curious (but NSFW).

News Alert: Nepal Elects Gay Leader

There are some major progressive changes happening on the subcontinent, starting in Nepal.

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diana said...

this is Diana (from Northwestern). hi! I found this link from fbook and how cool you have this blog and it's taken off! I saw the ny premiere of Jihad for Love, and it's really good. I highly recommend.