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A Mumbai Pride march is being planned for August 16th! More information at Queer Azaadi

Following the example of India's 18th-century Mughal rulers, who used castrated men or hermaphrodites to guard their harems, the government of Bihar plans to post eunuchs as guards in girls dormitories, colleges and hospitals.

Glad to be gay (but a bit shy about it) - Indians are more afraid of their relatives and friends finding out than they are about the law

Indian Penal Code Section 377 FAQ - all nicely summed up
Nonstop Goli Blog

Nepalese army 'sacks' lesbian for misconduct.
BBC News

But hey, Nepal is also hosting the first South Asian LGBT workshop! Two steps forward, one step back.
The Advocate

Uh oh. Actor-director Sajid Khan, from the show Sajid's Superstars annoyed actor Ritesh Deshmukh by asking if he is gay.
Yahoo India

More Deportation Dilemmas: Azerbaijani Muslim poet's request for asylum in Britain has been rejected

Irshad Manji on honor killings
Huffington Post

Muslim woman implements her innovative concept of an all-woman jamaat (a court-like assembly)
Times of India

It appears that British marriage registrar Lillian Ladele has won her religious discrimination claim following her refusal to perform civil partnership for a gay marriage
Usefully Employed

Okay guys, let's drown out this crowd with our own people - Anti-gay pride parade in Brooklyn, August 31
Gay City News

Choreographer Nakul Dev Mahajan exposes Bollywood-style dancing to the world on the hit show So You Think You Can Dance. This guy is going to go far!


Ravi said...

I was just about to write an entry about this! I love the fusion of culture in our society. Slowly bollywood is making its name in the hollywood industry!

Who I Am... said...

I'm sorry but this is what you call fake americanized bollywood, let alone WHAT THE HELL!!

I'm a Hindi film dancer, and what a disgraces it was, like even the fact your doing an om shanti om dance just the fact there so much disgrace to this!