Weekly Mix Masala

Deepa Mehta lends her support for India's pride parades
NDTV Movies

Sex and the Indian City- taking a look at what the show would look like set in India.
Times of India

Interview with Manil Suri, queer author of "The Death of Vishnu"
New York Times

Although the total number of HIV infections in Asian and Pacific Island men in the US remains low, the annual increase is estimated to be 12.1%.
Aidsmap News

Do progressive/activist minorities care about transpeople or is this an issue they want to avoid? Read about black civil rights group's treatment of the policy brutality towards transperson Duane Johnson.
The F Word

How sad! Queer flick When Kiren Met Karen isn't finding any love in India
NDTV Movies

Coming out isn't easy for gay kids. And what if you have traditional Indian parents?
Toronto Sun

Historical records suggest that the first women's shelter was started in Istanbul

Watch out! A gang of criminals in Mumbai is targeting young gay men looking for one-night stands. And the modus operandi? They pick them up and dupe them into taking them home. Once there, they pretend to be policemen and extort their money and valuables
Times of India

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