UPDATE: Whispers from the Delhi High Court

So rumor has it that the case to repeal Section 377 has been (wait for it...) delayed once again. What is it this time, you may be wondering. Well, the roster of judges that sit together was changed over the holidays, meaning that the justices that were hearing this case- Sikri and Midha- are no longer paired together. Since the case had been recorded as "part heard" by Sikri and Midha, they will continue to hear the case on the days that they sit together, which will now only be every Friday instead of every day. And that means that the case could take much, much longer than originally planned. Not to mention that hearing the case once a week instead of continuously could seriously hurt our chances of getting 377 repealed.

Lawyers for Naz India and Voices are trying to resolve this issue by requesting another bench to take on the case so that it can be heard continuously, due to the urgency of the matter. This request will be heard by the Chief Justice and Justice Muralidhar on July 21st.

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