"If these guys aren't in a hurry to jump into my curry, then NEEEEEEXT!"

Mtv's NEXT is undoubtedly one of the trashiest of trashy shows currently on TV- ok, I'm not gonna lie, it's one of my guilty pleasures! To my surprise,I turn on the television and none other than Shakeel, who gets turned on by 'wood' (Bolly-wood that is!), ends up playing the role of the bitchy gay this time! Shakeel and his dates pretend to be Bollywood heroes, learning professional choreography and even taking part in the required love/dream sequence. Unfortunately, what's posted is not the whole episode, but it's still good enough for a quick laugh.


NeroX2 said...

and if you're wondering, Evan chooses Shakeel over the money in the end!

samsaricanu said...

ooh my, hahaha, i dont know whether to be amused, embarrassed, or offended!!