Humor Therapy

So after sitting through the heterosexist humor in Kal Penn's Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, I went searching for Desi humor that was a bit more... homo-inclusive. I was expecting the search to be hard, but every single Desi comedian’s stand-up that I encountered was surprisingly gay-friendly. Turns out that the gay-bashing humor in H&K isn't indicative of a trend in Desi comedy at all. Eat that Kal Penn.

I especially want to give props to the straight comedians I found, who have come a long way from the insecure, egotistical, and over-compensating straight Desi guys that I knew back in school (I know you straight girls know what I’m talking about!). In this first post, in a series of several, I introduce Mark Saldana, an Indian comedian who describes himself at "The drinking man's comic." Instead of using gays as the brunt of the joke, he pokes fun at himself while relating gay bars to straight bars. Take a look.

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Masala Mami said...

Danny Boy is sooo hot. I want to marry him or atleast go on tour with him...