The Dutch vs Islam, part III?

Introduced in 2006, the Dutch's 'Integration Test' allows the government to weed out immigrants that they feel are not ready to be integrated into liberal Dutch culture. Considered an essential introduction, the test involves watching a video containing homosexual men kissing and topless women on the beach! According to a government spokeswoman, "the law is intended to ensure that immigrants are better prepared to integrate. They will have more chance of succeeding if they know the basics of Dutch language, history and culture before they arrive."

As if the test itself weren't controversial enough, immigrants from Western nations are exempt from taking it. "The impact ... has fallen primarily on those wanting to join family members from two of the three largest non-Western migrant communities in the Netherlands — Moroccans and Turks," the Human Rights Watch said. So, in essence, the test targets conservatives from primarily-Muslim countries that can not tolerate the video. But homophobic, nudity-fearing, conservative Christians from western countries can immigrate freely, without their values being tested. Hmm.. sounds like prejudice to me.

Rights group critisizes Dutch immigration policy as discriminatory

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libhom said...

I think they should make everyone watch the video.