Delhi High Court stalls (again)

On May 19, final arguments for the repeal of Section 377 began. The court began with Anand Grover starting off the arguments on behalf the Naz Foundation. The next hearing, set for today, has been postponed for a day because Justice Sikri had called in sick (how lame!).

Unfortunately, avoiding the issue of Section 377 is nothing out of the ordinary for this court. According to pass the roti on the left hand side, the Delhi High Court has been dragging this case for as long as they could:

"The petition was first filed in 2001 by Naz Foundation (India) Trust, an NGO working on HIV/AIDS, but it was rejected in 2004 by the Delhi High Court, on grounds that the petitioner has no locus standi. Naz appealed to the Supreme Court which remanded the case back to the Delhi High Court, saying that it was an important matter that had to be heard expeditiously. This is the case that has started final arguments today."
We will keep you updated!

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