First Generation Kids: Rejoice?

You know you're movin' on up when your demographic is covered by Salon.com. In light of the California Supreme Court decision to allow gay marriage, Sandip Roy discusses, albeit, tongue-in-cheek, of the possible scenes that may take place in immigrant families. Traditional Hindu ceremonies, with an "untraditional" couple. Arranged marriages, boy looking for boy (In fact, the last paragraph of his article echoes an earlier queeristan post). Since he focuses on the intense pressure for marriage in immigrant communities, particular Asian ones, his outlook for the future is generally sunny. With one and four Californians being immigrants, he suggests that it's the immigrant community that gave the final push for acceptance of gay marriage, because immigrant parents are tired of waiting around for their gay sons and daughters to get married. But has the immigrant community really turned a social corner? It wasn't too long ago that Satender Singh (a Fijian immigrant himself) was beaten to death in Sacramento by two Russian-speaking men. It’s largely believed to be a hate crime and Singh's death has become a symbol for the increasing amount of friction between the Sacramento gay community and socially conservative immigrants. So are our parent's generation and newly minted immigrants really comfortable with homosexuality? Or is it the majority, 3 out of 4 non-immigrants, that give California its gay-friendly reputation? In any case, it appears that at least the California Sikh and Muslim communities appear to be liberal as they were one of the first to release condemnations of Singh's beating. But I don’t live in California or Massachusetts. Desis living out there – what do you think?

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Melinda said...

Immigrants who emphasize marriage do so because they are conservative, which in turn comes with homophobia. Sunny outlook is a bit too sunny.