a (not-so-)perfect solution? the dl on marriages of convenience

Being openly gay, especially in the South Asian community, can be quite challenging. To no one's surprise, marriages of convenience (MOC) are becoming an attractive alternative for those of us that want the best of both worlds- the chance to make-believe we are straight along with the freedom to be ourselves when we want to be.

BBC News takes a look at MOC's in the UK's South Asian community.

OK, so which way are you going to lean? Before you decide, know that the benefits of MOC's come hand-in-hand with compromises:

Pro- In some countries, you will finally get in on those hetero-exclusive tax benefits!
Con- Finances, bills, and joint assets with your “spouse” can get real ugly.
Pro- It's a MUCH better alternative than marrying someone of the opposite sex who thinks you are ...straight.
Con- AHHHHH You could end up in a “roommate-from-hell” situation (only this time, without the choice of being able to move out)
Pro- You don’t have to deal with the social pressures of being queer; you won't be shunned by your family for being different.
Con- You are decreasing awareness of queer South Asians, which is what will get us acceptance in the long-run!

For some legal advice on marriages of convenience

Some sites to get you started on your search for a MOC spouse:
GL Marriage

And if playing straight just isn't your thing, Queeristan's got your hookup in finding LGBT desis (to ooogle at, flirt with, date, have a hottt night with, whatever).

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