Nipple Nepal, Land of High Peaks, Opens Bosom for LGBTs

Blue Diamond Society (BDS), the only LGBT human rights group in Nepal, recently scored a victory against the haters, winning a case against a private petitioner (read: jerkass with nothing better to do) who claimed that the BDS was trying to legalize homosexuality. LGBT groups promoting homosexuality? What a novel idea!

Said private petitioner did not name BDS, recipient of £25,000 from Elton John (hey private petitioner! I bet Elton John doesn't care about YOU!), as the defendant of the case, but rather attempted to ban all homosexual acts in Nepal and made BDS implicit in the illegality of it all. Nepali laws against bestiality were used in his case, but on February 6th, the court deemed it irrelevant and stated that personal sexual activities did not fall under criminal law.

Not that I'm anywhere near understanding legalese, let alone Nepalegalese, but of concern is the fact that the court only ruled that homosexual acts are not of criminal law concern. These issues could possibly still be tried under civil law or in different forms. Moreover, the private petitioner (ok ok his name is Achut Prasad Kharel) also cited an existing law that prohibits homosexual activities.

Gays Without Borders

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