Want some masala in your hamantaschen?

In honor of Purim this Sunday, we feel like this Dana International melody is perfect to jump-start our weekend. Dana International, to those Eurovison deprived, is an international superstar known for her dance-able beats and supreme voice. Oh, and she's probably the most well recognized transsexual in the world.

In Secret Hodi (Movie from India), Dana performs a duet with Isreali cutie, Idan Yaniv. The song is great and the video is just the right amount of camp. Dana, get started on some new music, girl!!! In the meantime, enjoy below:


Queer Desi said...

Don't forget Holi this Sunday either!

writing an annotated bibliography said...

I respect people, who care other people' traditions. I was pleasantly surprised that you honor this holiday.

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