Queering Around

After essentially a year-long hiatus, with an occasional post, we're back. It's a new decade and we're refreshed. Of course, in typical desi-timing, we waited until February of the new year to announce our comeback.

We've missed a lot in our hiatus, including the huge news of Delhi finally legalizing homosexuality, overturning a vestigial law from the British Raj. No worries though, we will catch up quickly. When we started this blog, we had no idea there would be so much news to report. We were quickly overwhelmed and humbled. So much is going on, but very few places are aggregating the news or connecting the dots. We promise to update at least once a month.

While we may have been absent here, we have been busy queering around in our daily lives. Our own NeroX2 was interviewed by Time Out Chicago - check out the article by clicking here. He's been organizing with Trikone Chicago, reaching out to queer South Asians in the city and metro area.

There's a lot of reasons to come back, but the biggest reason is you guys keep coming back to us.

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samsaricanu said...

i wish i could quit you.