Prince Charming?

Gujarati Indian Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil has no qualms about being on television. After countless news interviews (including one with Oprah!), the Prince has given in to the lure of reality television! Premiering on Jan 15 on BBC, Prince Gohil will star in "Undercover Princes," a documentary where, hiding his true identity, he will travel gay bars in London to search for his true Prince Charming. Wishing you all the best Prince Gohil, but honesty, I'm not expecting much. Gay bars may not exactly be the best place to find someone to spend your life with. Maybe for hot, slutty, sex- yes, but life-long bliss? I'd suggest a garba- they're always jam-packed with gay Gujju men.

Gay Indian Prince seeks British soulmate

UPDATE: Check out BBC's interview with Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil and a sneak peek at his television show!

The Undercover Princes


Who I Am... said...

Garba's are so now packed with Gujju gay men... such a myth !!!

Try the desi gay club :P

Anonymous said...

Lol @ Who I Am..desi gay clubs are more for hooking up than for dating too. and everytime i go to a garba (which is not often) i find myself checking out all the closeted desis instead of actually dancing myself ;)

Rekha said...

i saw part of the documentary and its surprisingly not too bad. :)