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An HIV-positive woman from Pakistan has been shunned by her in-laws who have taken away her children. She contracted HIV from her husband, now deceased, who was a drug addict.
The News

Gay Penguins! Need I say more?

Over 200 condom vending machines to be installed in Lucknow, India
The Times of India

Across the border love - a Pakistani student created a website to find more gay men has fallen in love with a man in India he met through the internet. Frustratingly, the article doesn't link to his website, but I think we found it. Hit us up - we're "Queer Desi." The site ripped off facebook (hey, all's fair in love...), and the only statement in it's Terms & Services is "Be decent and nice."

Despite Prop 8, GLAAD has released a poll that shows a majority of US Adults favor legal protections the LGBT community. Unsuprisingly, the poll shows that those under 65, and especially people 18-34, are more supportive of LGBT rights.

Everybody and their mother is in this skit against Prop 8, but all I see is Margaret Cho
Funny or Die

The Maldives is, uhh, sinking...

Cyprus grants resident status to gay Iranian asylum seeker
Pink News

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