The Pink Visa Scandal

This irritates the hell out of me. Time and time again we hear stories about how openly gay men from countries like Iran, Bangladesh, etc. are forced to plead for their lives by requesting asylum from other countries. Unfortunately, the wonderful country of Australia, which frequently grants asylum to the homos, is getting duped.

"IMMIGRATION officers are investigating claims that a Sydney migration agent hired a gay sex worker in a bizarre bid to gain political asylum for his clients.

On three occasions in May last year, Raymond Solaiman took Indian and Bangladeshi tourists to visit a male prostitute in Kings Cross.

It is alleged Mr Solaiman paid cash to the escort who agreed to be photographed in sexually explicit positions with the men. He later used the photos as supporting evidence in protection visa applications, which claimed his clients were homosexual and had suffered persecution in their homeland.

The Department of Immigration was alerted to a potential problem last year when as many as a dozen applications arrived, all containing photographs with the same backdrop and male partner."

Wow, this whole story sounds like it could make for a really bad movie (ie Chuck & Larry). Thoughts?

The Pink Visa Scandal


Anonymous said...

i hope australia doesnt become more strict in who it gives asylum to bc of this

Anonymous said...

i think you need to tint that picture to make them more brown

NeroX2 said...

hahaha, love it!