Getting the Ball Rolling!

NDTV ran a segment about two weeks ago on the decriminalization of homosexuality. Some good arguments are raised and most of the panel (and the host) seems to be in our favor. Check it out!


Herr Kanada said...

The comment that struck me was "Laws are reflective of society, and the survey conducted in 2000 showed overwhelmingly homosexuality should not be legalised" (or something to that extent. I am beyond for legalising homosexuality, but if it is not reflective of the culture (yet), is it in India's best interest to change 377?
I find myself supporting the change because I am ethnocentric of Western culture to be honest, and through my experiences and culture as a Canadian I feel it is right to change the law, but maybe that's not the same in India yet. My opinion: yes it's a good thing to change the law, but I don't think India is ready, especially when it's not reflective of the culture, regardless of how 'old' or 'outdated' it is.

Kabir said...

well, the man who was making this argument himself said that 7% were for, 63% against, and the rest neutral, so that means that about 30% of the respondents to the survey are indifferent, and don't really mind one way or the other... being neutral is not the same as being against and its fallacious to equate the two... it seemed to me like the opponent to decriminalization was desperately clinging on for dear life... and what a stupid argument "would you marry your daughter to a gay?" No, because I would accept that my son likes boys, and wouldn't force him to get married?!