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Queeristanis, be on the look out for an unique anthology of stories based on people living with HIV/AIDS in South Asia. AIDS Sutra is a collaborative product of some of the greatest writers found in the subcontinent. The publication has been funded by Avahan, India's leading AIDS initiative of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Salman Rushdie, Kiran Desi, and Vikram Sheth are only a few of the many contributors to this anthology. Nobel Prize winner and noted social activist, Amartya Sen, has penned the book's foreword. A total of sixteen writers have travelled the across the subcontinent, exploring the impact of HIV/AIDS in countless cross-sections of society. The end-result is no doubt a groundbreaking commentary on the growing situation in South Asia.

AIDS Sutra will be released this fall, look out for it in bookstores in October. And if you are a bit antsy like myself, go ahead and pre-order it at Amazon.com here!

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going crrrrazy!! said...

Have you guys heard about a new book called 'One Afternoon' by Roma Bansal? It's supposed to have a queer theme and I have picked it up though haven't had the chance to read it yet.