Tom and Jerry

Is Bhutan finally finding its way out of the closet? For the first time, the local media has taken an interest in it's queer folk, particularly in the lesbian scene. Called "Tom and Jerry couples" in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, these women have been categorized into a Bhutanese version of butch and lipstick lesbians. Some have been Toms (a play on tomboys) all their lives, while some have only been deemed so based on current relationships. Azha, the Tom that is featured in the article, brings in the cash, while her past Jerry girlfriends have always taken to doing the chores at home. Unfortunately, many of her Jerrys have opted for men in the long run. These girls should have paid more attention during the cartoons- don't they know that Tom always gets screwed over in the end??

Tom and Jerry: the gay side of the story

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I hate this cartoon. They do nothing, but beat each other. What's the sense of it?? What our children watch??