Queer Muslims in Chicago! This Saturday...

Poets/writers/activists sarwat rumi & imi rashid have teamed up with Insight Arts to co-found "Akabaka Productions." Akababa Productions will host programs for queer women and genderqueer people of color at the Center for New Possibilities in Rogers Park. "Akabaka" is Bengali for "zig-zag" and is the term sarwat and imi have chosen to describe queer people. The first programming event "akabaka salaams" is geared towards building awarness and community for queer Muslim women of color. There will be a film screening, and in the words of imi, it will be

"followed by a discussion on how to build trust and awareness in the midst of rampant homophobia within the Muslim community. We [sarwat and imi] don't know of too many queer Muslims ourselves, and so we're hoping that this event, and the ones that follow, will hold a safe space and supportive environment for those who need it."
Light Snacks Provided!!
July 19th, 4-6pm, 1505 W. Morse Ave next door to the Common Cup
Event is FREE!

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