801 women for every 1000 men ain't so bad...

...for gay gays, that is. In the Gujarat town of Mehsana, the past years of female foeticide are finally catching up. The lack of women in their 20s and 30s is causing gay activity to skyrocket, according to doctors (and male prostitutes) in Ahmedabad who have frequent contact with MSM's (men who have sex with men) from Mehsana. Whether the story is true or false, this activity is being used to explain the increase in HIV/AIDS and other STD's coming from the area.

Sans females, men go gay in Mehsana
Lack of ladies leads to gay love?

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CYNICAL said...

LOL @ your post.. just read a couple of your posts randomly.. I'm glad we have Indian's coming out of the closet and I'm even more glad that we finally have some resources for them to reach out to. I'm not gay (maybe bi-sexual lol but I'll have to get back to you on that one when I figure it out).. but yeah back to the point, I think it's awesome that many people are coming out of the closet and being open about who they are =) ok back to stalking some of your other entries!