Welcome to the Club, California!

Queeristanis, we are back! We are celebrating with some great news coming out of the Golden State!

California's Supreme Court has deemed a state law banning same-sex marriage unconstitutional. The court was split 4-3, favoring gay rights activists who saw the marriage ban in 2000 as discriminatory. California previously granted same-sex couples civil unions, similar to those in New Jersey and Vermont. The ruling will allow men and women to marry in less than a month.

However, it's not all peaches and sunshine. Although the ban has been lifted, it may be reinstated later via a constitutional amendment on the ballot in November. Religious and conservative groups have called the courts decision an "outrage" and an "example to judicial tyranny." Several organizations have already began to mobilize campaigns to bring this issue to a public vote.

The ruling is sure to spark this controversal issue once again. All three presidential hopefuls have been pretty tight lipped, McCain being the only one who opening disagree with the court's decision. Let's hope it doesn't create the same decisive atmosphere of 2004.

California lifts gay marriage ban

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