Weekly Mix Masala

  • Trikone's Kulture Kulcha 2008. Tonight, Friday May 2nd! Trikone, San Fransisco
  • Ethnography Gone Wild: a review of Parmesh Sahani's Gay Bombay Tehelka
  • LGBT film festival, Boston. Screening several South Asian films, including A Jihad for Love
  • Parvez Sharma, of A Jihad for Love, blogs about his journey as he screens the film globally Director's Blog
  • A review of gay, Hindu, hip-hopper D'Lo and Ramble-Ations:A One D'Lo Show Asian American Press
  • Irshad Manji vs. Ayaan Hirsi NYTimes, Jezebel
  • A story covering the journey of a couple as a the husband transitions to female NYTimes
  • And a debate whether it really is a sign of a good marriage that the couple is still together Jezebel
  • Meanwhile, a prize racehorse refuses to mate with the ladies. Maybe he's just gay? NYTimes
  • Young gay marriages in the US (well, Massachusetts at least ) NYTimes (Is it like LGBT month at the Times or something?)
  • Andrew Sullivan + Obama's approach to the American LGBT movement The Daily Dish
  • A symposium cancelled due to concerns from psychiatrists & activists that ex-gay's views would be propogated and considered healthy Queerty

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