The Queer Media Collective, a group of journalists who aim for a more balanced treatment of queer issues in the Indian media, held the first ever Queer Media Collective Awards last week. Acknowledging the efforts of queers and allies, the ceremony allowed the LGBT community to express its gratitude to those that are helping to make India more queer-friendly. Check out the winners below, they consist of some truly amazing organizations and individuals!

1. Best Newspaper for Queer Coverage and Representation - The Hindustan Times

HT has consistently reported well on queer issues, done original, in-depth stories on the queer community and has highlighted these stories on its front page.

2. Best Magazine for Queer Coverage and Representation - TimeOut

TimeOut has taken the lead covering the queer community as just a regular part of Indian life. Apart from this it has covered queer artists and performers, done articles on queer events and highlighted queer performances.

3. Best TV Channel (News) for Queer Coverage and Representation - NDTV

4. Best TV Channel (Entertainment) for Queer Coverage and Representation - Zee Café

For Zee Café to run with queer themed shows like Will & Grace or those with queer storylines like Six Feet Under and Oz, and not censor these in deference to some imagined ‘local culture’ is truly admirable and takes us a small, but important step towards changing attitudes.

5. Best Advice Columnist for Queer Coverage and Representation - Dr. Mahinder Watsa in Mumbai Mirror.

Queries on sexuality are met with the answer that there is nothing wrong in homosexuality, and for further information people are referred to more specialised counselors. This is probably the best short-term advice and we are grateful to Dr. Watsa for giving it.
6. Best Print Journalist for Queer Coverage and Representation - Bachi Karkaria

Bachi Karkaria has been writing on queer issues long before they became fashionable. She has used her very widely read Sunday column to talk about gay friends and the folly of antigay laws.

7. Best TV Journalist for Queer Coverage and Representation - Barkha Dutt

8. Best Treatment of Queer Issues in a Popular Film - Reema Kagti, for Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd.

9. Best Documentary/Film with a Social Message on Queer Issues - The Alternate Sexuality, CNN-IBN

10. Queer Newsperson of the Year - Manvendra Singh Gohil, the Rajkumar of Rajpipla

This award is given for a person who has done a lot to raise queer issues in the media in a personal capacity and also as a commentator. Prince Manvendra has done this despite the considerable personal cost of going public with his story. Most important of all he did so in the regional media which is where exposure on queer issues is most needed.

11. ‘The Humsafar Trust Award’ - Shobha Row Kavi, mother of Ashok Row Kavi

Ashok Row Kavi's mom was not only the first mom ever to give an interview, she's seen it all and been a part of it over the years from the start -- the birth of Bombay Dost and Humsafar, countless meetings at her home, the ups and downs, and even the controversies.

For an in-depth description of all of the winners' accomplishments, visit Queer Media Collective


Nitin Karani said...

Hi, guys. Thanks for this post. but could you please correct the links for HT, ndtv and TimeOutMumbai. I have fixed them on the QMC blog. Thanks to your post I noticed the wrong targets. This is probably a chronic problem with wordpress -- the targets keep getting jumbled up I think.

Queer Desi said...

It's been fixed! Thanks for pointing that out :)

Anonymous said...

Barkha Dutt is so cool! She's like the Indian Oprah