M.I.A. = Man, in Actuality

Joining other it-girls in fashion campaigns, artist M.I.A. is one of the new faces for Marc Jacobs. But aha! Ek twist hai! She is posing for the men's clothing in these first series of ads. Now, girl is short...if she can be a model (albeit for mensware) then I have a chance!

It's rumored she'll be appearing with other music idols in Converse Nike ads. So much for being genuinely political. In case you were worried that this was getting to her head...in response to DJing Marc's NY Fashion Week afterparty, "Last year I wasn't let into the Marc Jacobs party and this year I own it!" Yeah, someone remind me. What's the return policy on people who sell out?

Another first-timer to Marc Jacobs show: Kevin Federline. M.I.A., you are movin' on up! But thanks for the gender-bending on the way to the top. We apprech much. XOXO.

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Anonymous said...

you guys are clever, nice twist on 'mia'...