Lonely world for some

It's a sad time when Canada, a country that is usually at the forefront of granting LGBT rights, indirectly sentences a man to imprisonment and torture simply because he is gay. Immigration Minister Diane Finley serves as the heterosexist executioner, sending Kulen Amirthanlingam back to Malaysia, where he will surely be imprisoned. Kulen, a Hindu who found love across boundaries with his Muslim partner of 12 years, only receives hate from Finley- with nothing more than an ignorant “no” at the request for asylum, Executioner Finley turns Kulen’s life into a tragedy.

I’m surprised that this story hasn’t gotten as much attention from the media. Then again, I guess that if stories like Kulen’s are commonplace then it isn’t much of a big deal for the media. If you're in the mood to throw sh*t like I am, email Finley at finley.d@parl.gc.ca .

Quebec NDP'er denounces gay deportation

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