1001 San Franciscan Nights

Castro was abuzz last weekend at the premier of Club La Zeez. The party featured popular remixes of Middle Eastern, Arabic, Latin, Indian and Persian music. And of course, bellydancers were on hand -- both male and female. Promoter, Saleem Azzouqa, produced Club La Zeez via funding from the New Venture Seed Fund, a project of And Castro for All. Azzouqa has been putting on similar events in the Los Angeles area, however this was the first of its kind in San Francisco.

But the night was not just about hot, dancing girls and boys; a third of the profits went towards the gay Arab film, All My Life. Maher Sabry, famous for bringing attention to the Queen Boat raid in Egypt in 2001, has teamed up with Maraia Film to create a feature depicting the lives of gay men in Egypt. Queeristan will definately keep you updated on this project.

If you happened to miss the party, Club La Zeez will be in LA on April 12 and back in San Fransico the following weekend, April 19. They've got everything from bellydancing to bhangra, who can stay away?

Photo Credit: Rick Gerharter from The Bay Area Reporter

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